5 Quick Do’s and Don’ts for Leasing

By sbdceditor,

1. DON’T Get More Space Than You Need

OC SBDC – Irvine consultant, Karie Williford, warns that many leasing agents will try to talk business owners into more square footage than they originally planned for because it fattens their bottom line. Make sure your lease is based on actual needs and projections and not a sales pitch.

2. DO Try to Get the Best Deal

Always try to negotiate your rent. Even if you can’t lower the price per square feet, ask for free months of rent while you’re getting the space ready for business.

3. DO Get Maintenance Costs in Writing

Know who is responsible for footing the maintenance bills. Things like HVAC repairs can be extremely costly, so you’ll want to know how old the equipment is and who is responsible for those bills if repairs are needed. Always get this information in writing.

4. DON’T Wait to Negotiate Extended Rent

Talk to your landlord about what happens when your lease is up. This is an important conversation for both parties as you might need extra time before deciding whether to move or stay and they will save money looking for new tenants.

5. DO Check Out the Parking Situation

Before you set your heart on a space make sure there’s enough parking for your customers. This means driving by during busy hours and seeing what the traffic and parking is like.

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