Brick by Brick

Program Overview

We help aspiring retailers just like you go from conceptual to sustainable! The Orange County Inland Empire SBDC’s Brick by Brick program is designed to help you through all aspects of starting a vibrant retail business. We help you identify and put in place the key foundational building blocks that will create a solid business model prior to launching.

How it Works

By the end of the Brick by Brick Program, you will have:

  • identified your market share;
  • created marketing strategies and tactics;
  • learned how to integrate ecommerce technology into a static store;
  • created your financial projections, COGS and pricing models;
  • acquired useful knowledge of the leasing process;
  • identified the permits and licenses to build-out and operate your store;
  • a better understanding of how to hire and train employees;
  • learned best practices to operate efficiently;
  • and, learn how to access an appropriate amount of capital in order the sustain past breakeven and into profit.

Stay Tuned!

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