Finance Center

Established in 2016 the SBDC Finance Center has helped provide more than $15 million in capital and counseled over 100 clients to date.

Program Overview

The SBDC Finance Center helps connect business owners and entrepreneurs with the best financing options for their business.  Our consultants help clients through the loan packaging process, provide guidance on loan options and connect them with our network of over 100 financial institution partners. We work with traditional banks, SBA backed lenders, Community Development Financial Institutions, non-profits, state-guaranteed lenders, county and city programs to find the best financing option. To save our clients time and resources – the SBDC works alongside underwriters to streamline the funding process to get SBDC clients a quicker response.

Finance Center Services are:

  • No-cost! (paid for by your tax dollars)
  • Confidential in-person meetings or video conference calls
  • Offered to for-profit businesses with less than 500 employees

How it Works

  1. First, request a consultation in-person or over the phone with a Finance Center consultant. Sign Up Now >>>
  2.  In the consultation, the specialist will go through what documents are needed to commence the loan packaging process. Some of the items they may request are tax returns, financial statements, and an explanation for the use of funds. To get a full list of documents needed check out the funding checklist
  3. Once all required documents are received, the finance specialist will initiate the procedure of sourcing possible funders. The SBDC consultant will remain directly in contact with both you and the lender’s key decision-maker.
  4. The consultant will then show your prospective loan package to the lender. The lender will then analyze it and make a decision.
  5. If the lender is interested in funding your loan, your consultant will end the exploration of other lenders. The interested lender will then be given seven days to formally accept with a Letter of Intent. However, if the lender declines the potential loan, your consultant will proceed in looking for other possible lenders interested in your loan package.


What types of lending partners does The Finance Center work with?

With over 100 lending partners, the Finance Center works with traditional banks, SBA backed lenders, Community Development Financial Institutions, non-profits, state-guaranteed lenders, County and City Lending Programs, and many more. Our goal with our wide-reaching network is to find the most suitable fit for both the client and lending institution.

How much does The Finance Center charge?

With the funding received by varying institutions such as the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the state of California, California State University, Fullerton, the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, grants, and foundation funding, SBDC is able to provide clients and lenders all services under the Finance Center at no cost.

I was declined from my bank for a loan, I’m not sure why. Can The Finance Center help me – how?

Yes, of course, we can help! Our finance specialists will evaluate your situation, analyze why you were declined, and supply you with alternative funding options for your small business. We’ll assist you in finding the best lender and loan term for your needs based on the requirements and parameters. We have already helped numerous clients who were denied by other lending institutions! We also make sure to fully explain and investigate other options and we’re there with you through every step.

Contact us to request an appointment to evaluate your funding choices– at no cost!

I’m looking to refinance my debt, can the Finance Center help me?

Absolutely! We attempt to link you with our lending partners and assist you in refinancing your loan or getting a quick turnaround for working capital. Our network consists of more than 100 lending institutions that can refinance your loans and perhaps aid you in acquiring a lower rate. Some of our lending partners may even lend as fast as five business days!*

*We cannot guarantee our turnaround times because they are contingent on many factors.

What if I’m missing documents from the “Funding Checklist”? Does the lending institution really need all of these documents?

That is not a problem! The finance consultants will answer any questions you may have about the necessary documents. They’ll also assist you in obtaining any documents you are missing from the checklist. However, we cannot help you obtain your tax returns, but we can assist you in requesting your credit reports.

The items listed in the funding checklist are there for guidance, but they are also necessary to submit your loan package to our lending partners. We attempt to depict the whole picture to the lending institution so they have all the information they need to make the most informed decision when considering your loan. If you are missing some documents, we work with you to obtain all the documents needed.

Ways We Can Help