RJ Teno


Area of Expertise: 

  • Marketing/Social Media/Trade Show
  • Mortgage Banking
  • Business Management/Planning
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Finance
  • Sales Training

My Experience: 

RJ’s overall career encompassed heavy experience in all aspects of mortgage banking, from being a loan officer to being the managing partner of a mortgage acquisition and securitization company. He has created a new mortgage product with 50 state regulatory approval, negotiated with the largest institutional lenders in the country to both buy and sell products, and was VP of Operations for a company that went from 0 to 140 employees in 9 months. After leaving the mortgage industry, RJ lept into a second career in creating software solutions, where he worked with ERP enterprise software, SaaS companies, ad tech, and social media. RJ also taught investment real estate on a seminar basis across the county and designed a software program that would financially analyze investment real estate to include residential, multi-family, and commercial.

How I Add Value to your Business:

RJ is an experienced business consultant who enjoys the art of assisting businesses in executing their idea. Having over 20 years in the C-Suite and private consulting has exposed him to a wide range of everyday challenges. RJ has worked and consulted for a variety of businesses in very diverse fields to include, financial services, hospitality, exhibition venues, contractors, manufacturers, oil supply firms, medical device, software, and many more, including his two favorites, a buffalo ranch, and a moose stud farm.

Words of Wisdom:

My focus turns toward the numbers and the people. Take care of those and the rest will fall in place.


Business Consultant